Space-A with Children

Should I fly Space-A if I’m traveling with small children?

Absolutely! In fact, our daughter had just turned one when we took our first Space-A flight. It takes a load of anxiety off your shoulders. If you’re flying on a cargo plane, there’s no need to worry about whether a crying or squirmy baby will bother other passengers. There’s usually plenty of room to stretch out and let them walk around, and the ambient noise of the plane, which is much louder than a commercial airplane, is louder than any noise your child can make. Bonus: most people will already be wearing earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones anyway.

There are a few key things to remember:

  1. Bring ear protection. While most passenger terminals provide earplugs, they aren’t necessarily fit for little ears. We bought these earmuffs for our daughter before our first flight, and she’s used them four times now with no problem. If you have a small child, you might want to get them used to wearing them before you start your Space-A adventure.


2. Bring blankets and dress your child in layers. Space-A planes can be pretty chilly! My advice is to sit as close to the front of the plane as you can, as it seems to be the warmest area. Temperatures fluctuate, which is why layers come in handy.

3. Pack snacks! Depending on your flight, you might have the opportunity to purchase a boxed meal. Shorter flights usually won’t have this option, so it’s important to bring some type of food with you. There can be a lot of waiting involved in Space-A travel. At the very least, bring cash for vending machines.

4. Bring the necessary gear. You don’t have to bring a carseat if you have small children, but it can make napping a bit easier. Our daughter sleeps very well on Space-A planes, so having her carseat with us means she has a comfy place to nap and we can keep our arms free. If you’re taking a longer flight, feel free to bring an air mattress, pool float, camping mat, etc. As long as the floor space isn’t taken up by large cargo, you and the kids can spread out and nap the flight away.

5. Equip yourself with entertainment. You can bring whatever you’d bring on a commercial flight to entertain yourself and your children. Books, small toys, tablets, laptops with downloaded movies, travel games, and music are all great ideas to occupy your child during the flight.